Herbal Remedy Suggestions for Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Cure

Sadly there is no cure for Lyme disease but we have definitely reduced the symptoms caused by Lyme Disease. Many of our customers have stated these smoothies are the only thing keeping them alive.That may be a bold statement but it's a fact that our smoothies are changing lives. That part is undeniable.

Let’s talk about how we make you feel better.

When you purchase your Herbal Bundle. Herbastat will give you directions how to take the herbs and we give you several smoothie recipes. These are designed to help repair the damage from the Antibiotics.

This is a quote from a medical doctor. “I readed your hystory about lyme disease.
I m medical doctor in Venice Italy; I have Lyme disease from 12 years; I taked for 10 years antibiotics; now it's impossible for me to take antibiotics because of side effects;but every week I relapse 4day/7day; I would like to take Herbastat; i have fear because Im allergic to many plant due to latex allergie; but I would like to try it...”

Even medical doctors who treat themselves can’t escape all the horrible side effects of the long term antibiotics.

Please understand this is a lifestyle change not a wonder drug. Herbs are not drugs fruit and veggies in a blender are not a lyme diet. The goal is simple, combine several combinations of herbs and fruits and veggies. We are simply trying to make medicine our food and let food be our medicine…..If we do this successfully on a daily basis it may be possible to finally say:

Say good Bye to Fatigue
Say Goodbye to Chronic Lyme Disease
Say goodbye to Joint pain
Say Goodbye to brain Fog
Say goodbye to depression



Cost effective

Good for your over all health

Discreet packaging

great track record
hundreds of customers, multiple months LYME SYMPTOM free.

All you do is add a  teaspoon a day to a fruit shake, smoothie, work out drink, mix Herbastat with your food. In a few weeks your Immune system will change into a Lyme Killing machine.

TRY Herbastat for a month for only $40
100 % money back guarantee if not satisfied

SIX month supply is only $129


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